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You need visibility into encrypted channels without disrupting the users as they do their daily work and without compromising the security you depend on. CryptoAuditor preserves end–to–end security while silently decrypting and securely storing session traffic. CryptoAuditor’s architecture and management allow enterprise–scale deployments with no changes to end user workflows, login processes or network architecture.

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CryptoAuditor records and stores a complete replication of the monitored session. All communications including text, file transfers, and graphical sessions are stored. Advanced search capabilities allow speedy investigation even in graphically oriented sessions.

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CryptoAuditor provides advanced monitoring, control and auditing capability of privileged access. CryptoAuditor integrates with directory services, enabling privileged users, contractors and business partners to authenticate with their individual account credentials to gain controlled access to specific systems and services. CryptoAuditor can even control which specific services are allowed within an encrypted connection

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Most layered network security defenses have no visibility into encrypted traffic such as SSH, SFTP and RDP. These defenses cannot prevent the use encrypted channels as attack vectors. CryptoAuditor sees into the encrypted connections and empowers SIEM, IPS and DLP to stop malicious activity on the fly. CryptoAuditor’s recorded sessions allow deep level forensics in event a network defense breach.

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The SSH Enterprise Key and Access Management platform brings together the concepts of comprehensive identity access control and data security for your SSH environment.

We strive to:

  1. Provide visibility, continuous monitoring, access control, remediation and lifecycle management for SSH user key based access
  2. Make encrypted access for administrative access and file transfers for inbound and outbound traffic visible and safe

Based on the underlying principles of transparent and non-disruptive deployment, the objective of our platform is to make identity access an enabler in your organization, be it for on premise or cloud environments.

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  • Agentless network-based deployment with no impact to processes or end user experience
  • Ideal to monitor, audit and control 3rd party access and outbound access
  • Scalable distributed cloud ready architecture with centralized audit trail management
  • Easy deployment as a simple extension of your next generation firewall
  • Session replay and video of audit trails with optical character recognition for easy forensics
  • Real–time detection and response capabilities to prevent malware infiltration or malicious data exfiltration
  • Leverage existing AD/LDAP infrastructure to enable the usage of shared accounts while demonstrating individual accountability
  • Enable smart card and other 2-factor authentication methods for encrypted access


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